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The Country Club has one of the most prestigious golf courses in Madrid and the rest of Spain due to its design and location in the capital.

The black golf course, designed by the architect Javier Arana, has hosted countless events on the European circuit of the PGA, the Spanish Open on nine occasions and the Madrid Open nine times, and has hosted the most important federation championships.

The top names have played there, such as Jack Nicklaus, Colin Montgomerie and Severiano Ballesteros, who also designed part of the yellow course.

Today, it continues to be one of the main attractions for our members.

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Recorrido negro

El recorrido Negro fue diseñado por el arquitecto D. Javier Arana, e inaugurado el 21 de Abril de 1956.

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Recorrido amarillo

El recorrido Amarillo, con dos vertientes diferenciadas, los nueve primeros hoyos, diseñados también por el arquitecto D. Javier Arana, y los nueve últimos, conocidos como Ballesteros, por ser el famoso golfista quien los diseño.

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